Restaurant Verses

Une série de luminaires  conçus et fabriqués par Consult pour le restaurant Verses situé a Montreal. Voulant donner une nouvelle vie au restaurant de 15 ans, les propriétaires du restaurant Verses dans le vieux port de Montréal nous ont approché pour concevoir des éléments qui attireraient les passants de la rue St-Paul.

Client : Le Restaurant Verses
Design : consult

Matériaux : Acier, Miroir, Laiton


Verses Restaurant

A series of lighting elements designed and fabricated by Consult for Verses restaurant in Montreal. Wanting to give a new life to the 15 year old restaurant, the owners of Verses approached us to help draw in passers by on St-Paul street. We decided to do a phase 1 that included some new wood tables and design lighting that would attract the eye from the street level. The lights were designed out of antiqued mirror and brass elements to go with the old European vibe found in old Montreal but with a modern touch.

Client : Verses
Design : consult
Materials : Steel, Mirror, Brass.